Introduction to Cellecor

It is the tale of a person who, since they were little, has wanted to start their own business. As the first member of his family, our esteemed founder, Mr. Ravi Agarwal, started his business in 2020 with a passion for money. It has had a lengthy 13-year consumer electronics career under the name Unity Communications. Over the years, our inventor has accomplished several milestones, growing his little downtown Delhi firm into the most consumer-friendly brand possible. Cellecor was created by our tech-loving futuristic entrepreneur with the goal of elevating and redefining how we interact with consumer electronics gadgets. As a business, we comprehend the need of the customer for ideal items that not only last but also go with every attitude, look, and vibe. Our engineers and designers collaborate flawlessly to produce products with unbelievable usefulness, unmatched comfort, and amazing sound quality. In addition to smart TVs, speakers, neckbands, TWS, soundbars, smart watches, and other items, we also provide a broad variety of audio and wearable devices.

We are a lifestyle brand adorned with cutting-edge technology, innovative design and craftsmanship beyond compare. With our love for technology, we ensure every beat, every note and every lyrics reach out to you with utmost precision. We enhance your acoustic experience so you can enjoy your favorite music with depth and clarity. With our wearable category, we ensure it fits perfectly into your active lifestyle from fitness training to adventures, partying to simply going out on a date while maintaining exceptional performance. Starting from 5 states to 14 states within a span of 1 year and from selling only mobile devices to covering all consumer electronic gadgets- we have worked hard to come this far. But this is just the beginning. We have whole new journey ahead of us.

Present Cellecor

With visionary leadership and a team of passionate, hard-core tech savvies, Cellecor has made its presence felt as a trailblazer in the audio and wearable technology industry. We have set a new standard on how consumer electronic gadgets should be with ground breaking technologies and revolutionized ideas. Though started as the most affordable mobile brand in India, Cellecor is serving 100 million users through Pan India with 1200+ service centers. We provide a broad variety of products through an extensive physical market in along with strengthening our ecommerce presence on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and others where we are serving India with the highest sincerity and steadfast dedication. Our biggest achievement has been creating a loyal and passionate customer base with our persistent and flawless customer service facilities. We are continually pushing our boundaries to stay ahead of the curve of technological advancement and striving to bring new innovations into the market. Our tech experts and designers keep on exploring the emerging technologies and make sure the customer always have access to the latest advancements.

Recently, we have achieved a milestone of being called CELLECOR GADGETS LTD.(formerly known as Unitel Info. Pvt. Ltd.)

Vision And Mission

Cellecor started as a passion and love for technology and electronic gadgets. And now it is our vision to offer unmatched experience to all the tech savvy people out there. We are here to change the world how the consumer electronic brands are looked at and become India’s first electronic lifestyle brand. From the time of our inception, we have contributed us to deliver exceptional customer support and positive experience in every touchpoint. With our digital expansion, we are opening up the possibility to be more interactive with our consumers and build a passionate community of brand advocates. From our house of innovation, Cellecor is continuously designing and developing technologically advanced products that help to you stay connected in today’s fast-paced world. Our next 10 years plan is to penetrate the international market and make our brand accessible to customers in every corner of the globe. “Making happiness affordable” – that is our motto. Our engineers are working rapidly to build more future-ready gadgets packed with features.

Cellecor is a consumer first brand. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. That is why we have started our journey to bring the superior sound experience and uncompromised quality and comfort at the most affordable rate possible. Started from a small shop in Delhi, Cellecor’s mission is to serve every Indian proudly and become an international brand and raise the bar of consumer gadgets. Our aim is to make Cellecor a household name by meeting the consumer’s evolving needs and expectations. With large variety and budget-friendly options, we are going to make Cellecor a go-to brand for all Indians. With the help of social media campaigns, events and collaborations, we plan is to create a vibrant community that continues to grow and be a part of our mission.

Why Cellecor?

Cellecor has 1200+ service centers across India and 800+ distribution channels to make sure our products reach every house. We provide on-site services for your smart TV. So far, we have 100 Million Happy Customers and 10 Million Content Viewers. We make products that are affordable and backed by extensive scientific research and development. All the tech gadgets undergo rigorous testing and trails to demonstrate their efficiency and life. We commit to drive innovation in the tech world.

Serving India Proudly