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Discovers the Next Dimension of Sound Quality with the CBS-05 Opera Wireless Speaker

24 Jun 2024
Discovers the Next Dimension of Sound Quality with the CBS-05 Opera Wireless Speaker

Do you wish to experience music at its best tangent? The Cellecor CBS-05 Opera Wireless Speaker is transforming the sound experience, this innovative speaker is poised to change the landscape of your entertainment realm.

Not only that it will alleviate your experience but also your Karaoke nights with your friends as it comes with two wireless mics. Intrigued right? Let’s explore the features of this wireless Bluetooth speaker in detail.

Wonderful High-Definition Stereo Sound Clarity 

The CBS-05 Opera Wireless Speaker delivers outstanding high-definition stereo sound clarity thanks to its premium audio driver and advanced digital signal processor. Experience crystal-clear audio, deep bass, well-balanced volume, and the absence of any unwanted background noise.

Robust 20-Watt Output

Upon initial observation, this speaker may give the impression of being petite and fragile, however, it is equipped with a powerful 20-watt output and rich bass performance. If you seek a speaker with impressive sound output, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Umbrella of Colorful LED Lights

The Cellecor CBS-05 Opera Wireless Speaker boasts 10 LED lights that are adjustable to match your mood and environment. It is the perfect accompaniment for any music event with friends and family.

Water Resistance and Dust Resistance

The CBS-05 Opera Bluetooth speaker design is resistant to weather and spills, and it clears any obstruction in its way.

20+ Hours of Battery Life

Thanks to its large 1800 mAh battery, the Cellecor CBS-05 Bluetooth speaker has an excellent 10-hour battery life. This longer battery life allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a portable speaker without difficulty.

Bluetooth V5.3 

The Bluetooth Core Specification 5.3 encompasses a range of enhancements that have the potential to enhance reliability, energy efficiency, and user experience across a wide array of Bluetooth-enabled devices, with a special focus on CBS-05 Opera speakers.

Dual Wireless Mics

The Cellecor CBS-05 Opera Wireless Speaker is equipped with two wireless microphones. Experience an entertaining evening of Karaoke with your loved ones using this compact speaker, measuring 132*38*38mm. Not only is it conveniently portable, but it is also lightweight, ensuring hassle-free transportation of the microphones.

Frequency Range 

The Cellecor CBS-05 Wireless speaker boasts an exceptional frequency range of 150Hz-180KHz, making it the ultimate Bluetooth speaker for effortless connectivity.

To sum up, the Cellecor CBS-05 Opera Wireless Speaker is designed to offer exceptional sound quality and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for any event. Whether you are throwing a party, having a karaoke session, or unwinding at home, this speaker ensures a captivating audio experience unlike any other.

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