The Journey of Cellecor

A Decade of Making Happiness Affordable- The Journey of Cellecor

For over a decade, Cellecor has been reinventing on how electronic gadgets should be looked at. From pushing the boundaries of mobile devices to redefining the way people experience sound with style and comfort- we have always tried to build products keeping the consumers in mind. It’s been 11 years since our inception and with your constant love and support, Cellecor has transformed itself from a humble startup to globally recognized brand. We are about to celebrate our 11th anniversary and the moment could not be better to share our journey with our passionate fans and loyal customers.


Inception and Early Years:

Cellecor would not be possible if a strong, determined boy from Delhi did not dare to push himself. Coming from a small middle-class family, he had his own challenges but nothing could stop him from creating a globally recognized brand. We are talking about none other than Mr. Ravi Agarwal, our honorable Founder and CEO. It is said everything starts with a great idea and that is true in every sense. To be the pillar of his family, Ravi initially started with selling mobile devices from a retail shop. But his dominating spirit and strong finance sense led to the success of Cellecor. Ravi understood the need for high tech, feature-packed products at a very convenient rate. No other brand was catering to that segment at that time and there was a huge gap to play. Immense passion for technology and strong sense of design and comfortability with an added benefit of financial understanding- Here comes the era of Cellecor.


Expanding Possibilities:

Since our early days, Cellecor has focused on creating high quality experiences for people. Our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and design mixed with comfort and affordability helped us gain traction and a loyal customer base. Recognizing the need to diversify our product portfolio, Cellecor expanded into an audio and wearable category, introducing smart watches, wireless earphones, sound bars, smart television, neckbands, and more that seamlessly integrated technology into our life. That was a turning point for us, solidifying our position as a market leader in the consumer electronics segment.


Embracing Technology:

Cellecor is now loved by more than 100 million happy customers and that has only been possible by embracing innovation and technological advancements. Our engineers love to stay up-to-date and always sought to incorporate the latest breakthroughs in our product’s offerings. We make sure every beat and every note reaches you with the utmost clarity and efficiency. From noise-canceling earbuds to high-tech smartwatches, our feature-packed products fit perfectly into your hustle-bustle lifestyle. Not only that but also, our product goes through the intense testing process to ensure exceptional performance. We are continually pushing to deliver state-of-the-art devices that enhance the life’s of our customers.


Collaboration and Partnership:

While entering to a new stage of our journey, we have collaborated with popular personalities like Ranvijay, Sania Mirza, and Shikhar Dhawan. These partnerships have been a real booster for us giving us the traction and attention that we deserve. Our collaboration has helped us incorporate our brand with the athlete and entertainment industry reaching out to the millions of people in the most unprecedented way. These partnerships had not only generated buzz but also gave our brand a fresh perspective furthermore solidifying our position as a trendsetter.


The Future:

Cellecor as a brand is continually evolving, embracing new cutting-edge technologies and out-of-the-box ideas. Build over a solid foundation and high entrepreneurship vision, we are pushing the boundaries in every possible way to provide comfort and unimaginable range of technologies, materials and design. We understand with technology, the customers need evolve and Cellecor stands ready to provide unparalleled experiences that improves your life keeping you up-to-date and in style. We are also growing rapidly in the digital space opening the doors for the new customers looking for exceptional products at the most affordable rate possible.

“The Journey of Cellecor has always been amazing. We have come so far, learnt so much throughout our progress. We believe this is just the beginning and we have a long road ahead of us. Our customers have always been in our heart and our every product have always been designed according to their needs and requirements. The upcoming journey of Cellecor will not be any different than that but with lots of technological advancements and innovations. We have serving India proudly for the past 11 years and we will continue to do so”

-Ravi Agarwal, Founder and CEO.