5 Underrated Features of a Cellecor Smartwatch
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5 Underrated Features of a Cellecor Smartwatch

26 Apr 2023
5 Underrated Features of a Cellecor Smartwatch

Every Smartwatch out there has these obvious features like Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, Sport Modes, Workout Mode, and Waterproof features to offer the way Cellecor Smartwatch does. But there are other features too which never get a mention during the sales speech but have equal or even more usability. Like the 5 which are mentioned below:

1) Sedentary Alarm:

A sedentary reminder is a function that reminds the wearer to get up and keep moving when sitting for an unusually long period. This feature was designed to get the person moving and active to reduce the chances of developing many health issues such as hypertension, high glucose level, obesity, etc.

On the other hand, it feels good when someone is there to keep a good eye on your movements to keep you fit and healthy.

2) Water Reminder:

Do you even realize how hot it is out? We guess it’s 100 degrees, but funnily we are not bowling physically. But let’s come to the point where the creators introduced this amazing feature to the Smartwatch i.e Water Reminder

Seeing how fast and complex our lives have become, we no longer remember to drink water and stay hydrated. In fact, we constantly ignore our body’s basic needs until we feel dehydrated and feel thirsty. In response to this growing problem, the manufacturers of Smartwatch decided to add this feature to the Smartwatch by which wearer can monitor their burned calories and activities by being hydrated all the time.

Since you need a kick to do something good.

3) Sleep Monitoring:

Getting enough sleep during the day is vital for our body to reset and get enough energy to carry on with the tasks of the next day. Sometimes our external circumstances do not allow us to rest fully and go into a deep sleep, which can cause sleep-related health issues that can have a negative impact on us.

This is where the sleep tracking feature of a Smartwatch comes into the picture and through the various sensors tracks the different stages of our sleep like Sleep Quality, Sleep Duration, Sleep Phases, Light Sleep, and Deep Sleep.

4) DIY:

When you used to talk about a Smartwatch then it used to give the resemblance of a big round dial with mechanical wallpaper which was never sufficient to represent your personality. But now with this new Smartwatch feature of DIY, you can use your personalized images to sync them with your personality and mood.

5) Smart Capture:

Do you know how tough it is to find someone who can click your picture better than you do for yourself? Well, we know you do!

So, you will definitely like this feature of the Smartwatch where you can sync your camera with your Smartwatch and can click yourself with a tap on your Smartwatch. Yep, it is the same as a selfie stick but much better and smarter.

Cellecor ActFit would be the best pick to have all these features in a single Smartwatch under 2199/- with a 1-year warranty.

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